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Hotel Göngehof is a family-owned hotel with 42 rooms (72 beds) in the center of Hässleholm, a small town situated in an area in history called "Göngebygden". That's where the hotel got it's name when it was built in 1961.

We serve breakfast in the morning and small dishes in the evening, and our bar serves beer and wine.

From the hotel You are close to:

  • The "Culture-house" 100m. It was built in the year 2000 and there are library, 3 movie-theatres, an excellent restaurant (Cats), touristinformation, theatre.
  • Centralstation 300m with connections to Malmö Copenhagen (1,5 h), Helsingborg, Stockholm (4 h), etc
  • Harrys 400m, pub and restaurant
  • Shopping, banks, restaurants, postoffice, Pharmacy etc
  • Gym Studio 300m
  • Idoor Swimming baths 800m
  • Golf 1 km
  • Airport 40 km Everöd, Kristianstad